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Instead of bashing NaruHina fans or clubs, you can bash the couple RIGHT HERE! Go ahead and have some fun! BASH! When you post, please place your icon with your :dev: next to it and your testimonial beneath it.

:iconluffy-kun: Luffy-Kun

I dislike NaruHina for a number of reasons. I hate the idea that when there is a threesome of main characters that the main guy can’t be with the main girl! The same nonsense happened in Harry Potter and it is just utterly annoying. Then there is this big idea that NaruHina and SasuSaku are "canon" when they are not. Canon is defined, usually as something that happened, is it not? That makes the ONLY Naruto canon couplings Minato/Kushina and Asuma/Kurenai. The only other “canon” couple I can think of would be SasuNaru. That is inarguably the most popular couple and hell at least they kissed.

Naruto and Hinata have nothing in common. Fans of the couple claim that she “loves” him. She even said so! *gasp* So did Sakura, and Sasuke proceeded to knock her ass out and leave Konoha forever. Have any of these fans ever read a shojo comic? How many love confessions are unrequited? Hell, even may shonen comics have many confessions of unrequited love; look at ANY harem-style comic like Love Hina or Gacha Gacha! Shonen or not, Naruto does not follow any type of formula where every confession of love, however rare, is returned.

Naruto is a strong person, but a submissive personality. At least I think so. Hinata is much to tame for him. She would not be able to curb him. He needs a girl like Sakura or Temari who is rough and has no qualms about smacking him back into place. At least when Sakura is with Naruto, she acts like herself instead of a blubbering fangirl.

I honestly am a fan of nearly every alternative Naruto AND Hinata coupling. I am a bit of a sucker for crack, even though I know that it impossible. I just don’t think that they can be good together. Hinata is too shy, she needs someone outgoing but someone who understands her shyness. Naruto on the other hand, acts out in his desire for attention. His desire to be controlled and curbed.

This is, of course, my opinion.

I love NaruHina shippers. They are my friends. My motto will always be "Hate the ship, Not the shipper"

:iconstavstuva: StavStuva

Hmmm.. why I hate NaruHina ha?
Ok... I hate Hinata (sorry Hinata's fans...)

That's all :D

:iconksmith1909: ksmith1909

Because they don't hang out or really interact w/ each other in the manga. Naruto hangs out with his squad, and we assume that Hinata hangs out with Kiba and Shino as well. Sure the fillers put them together b/c NaruHina is such a popular pairing, but in the actual storyline they have very little interaction with each other.

:iconalonesilentkeeper: alonesilentkeeper

Hmmmm... they don’t fit each other.. I’m really thinking why would they pair them.. just because Hinata has a crush on Naruto???

:icondeisakunaru: DeiSakuNaru

Because Hinata is a weak personality, dosen’t suit Naruto’s and its pretty boring. None of the humour which is NaruSaku or any other couple.

:iconinu-hinata: Inu-Hinata

Because Naruto and Hinata just don't go!

A) He tries so hard to get SAKURA'S attention, and the poor boy is trying that hard, he's oblivious to Hinata's feelings for him

B) It wouldn't work out! Naruto is a perv, and obviously Hinata is such a shy girl that she won't be able to take it!

C) We all know Kiba loves Hinata, and seems to care about her ALOT more than Naruto

:iconhecatehatesit: HecateHatesIt

I dislike NaruHina because for one thing, I don't really like Hinata as a character. It's not that I hate her but she just kind of fades into the background for me compared to the majority of other female characters like Tsunade, Sakura, Temari etc.

I find her boring as a character. I mean, yeah, I get that she's shy and quiet but...what else? I mean, compared to Naruto, she's like a cardboard cutout.

Secondly, like someone pointed out above- I find this thing people are doing nowadays- not allowing the main guy and the main girl to be together at all- is just stupid.

It's painfully onesided and
It would just be ridiculous to push Naruto with some girl that he didn't have romantic feelings for for 500 chapters together in the end.

:iconayakashi-arashi: Ayakashi-Arashi

They have such little relationship development. Hinata herself has had such little screen time. It just feels like a romance would come out of nowhere with no prior development.

Also, Naruto really does need a stronger, pushier, more aggressive type of girlfriend. Someone to put him in his place when he needs it.

It is very simple. There is only little interaction between them in manga and anime (not counting fillers). The paring exists purely on the idea that Hinata has a crush on Naruto, that she "loves" him so much.
The NaruHina scenes we see in a manga? - Hinata's STALKING. Such a pure, hearted relationship, is it not? We do not see any romantic involvement on Naruto's part, who thinks of her only as a friend, nothing more.If Kishimoto decided to involve them in a romance, there would be small hints or foreshadowing throughout the manga, while there is completely no sign this will somehow work out. If, magically, they will somehow get romantic at the end of the manga, I will just say - illogical ridiculousness. Trolls.
Hinata confession during Pain/Nagato arc - the confession itself was not bad, except the fact it was pulled out of nowhere. And also except the fact Hinata was thrown off the pages in next 5 seconds by Pain, even before doing her "new move". How incredibly lame. I swear Kishimoto-sensei just through: "You had your 5 seconds betch, off the pages". Even if I don't like Hinata, I still feel little sorry for the girl...

Conslusion: A Canon Pairing should not be pulled out of an ass.

Here, my tiny rant, just felt like saying XD

:iconamanda-sketches: :devamanda-sketches:

It's not that I hate the pairing itself, I use to be a NaruHina fan pre-shippuden but when I started to watch Shippuden, my opinion changed a lot. Sakura's feelings are less on "physical attraction" and "teen love" that just jumps and latches onto the most popular guy, Sasuke (who is a jerk to her and still is). She realizes that love is not based on that feeling or competition to see who will get Sasuke's attention, she's beginning to realize it's what the person does for you that makes it lasting love. Love is not just feelings or "people look good together", its based on the acts one does for the other and the neutral of feelings. I think Sakura in a way is growing her feelings and adoration for Naruto but she also can't let go of Sasuke.

With that being said, Naruto is the kind that wants honest relationships. Naruto's not going to push Sakura to like him nor is he going to push Sasuke to like Sakura. This also means he's not going to give un-honest feelings towards Hinata as well. If he has no feeling for the girl, he's not going to make himself like her just because she likes him. Honestly, I feel like Naruto could care less about relationships right now. NaruHina fans use the "well Naruto went all 9-tails when Hinata confessed her love for him. I'm sure if Sasuke was in Hinata's place or Tsunade or Kakashi or Sakura, he would have also done the same thing. After that, Naruto is never shown to talk to Hinata or treat her any different than he does to the rest of the teams. He doesn't even treat Sakura any different after her fake confession. I even think her confession was only 1/2 fake and she did mean when she said she noticed Sasuke was an enemy and she can't be with him and she saw how much Naruto cares about her. Knowing how Sakura acts around Naruto, I just think she was afraid of rejection anyways because she knew Naruto knew she's been obsessing over Sasuke. Why else would she have cried so much when Sai told her the truth. She cried because she realized how much Naruto loved her and she's been so obsessed with Sasuke that she didn't even see the pain she was causing Naruto and yet, he keeps sacrificing for her and everyone else. It's just now Naruto is. He just wants an honest, neutral relationship and is willing to wait and sacrifice for other people's happiness.

:iconfangie-chan: FANGIE-CHAN

Because Naruto loves Sakura...I highly doubt he'd just get with Hinata for the sake of having a girlfriend or making Sakura jealous.

And because, when Hinata understands that she simply won't be able to have Naruto as anything more than a friend and her life-saver...Her years and years of loving him won't go completely to waste. She'll probably find love in Kiba or something. He's similar to Naruto in a lot of ways with his personality, and he's already been there for her by her side all along. All he needs to do is keep doing what he's doing until Hinata wakes up and realizes 'Oh, well lookie who's been supporting me this whole time more than anyone else! Thanks, Kiba.'

Also, on NaruHina...How Hinata's always saying that she loves Naruto because he gives her strength and everything...Um, hello? What about Kiba? I haven't seen Naruto do SHIT for her besides killing Pein...Which was what he had been TRYING to do in the first place before her confession. I think he only became enraged that she almost died because hey, Hinata's a part of the village and his friend, y'know? But that makes me really think here...What the flying fuck would Kiba have done if he were in Naruto's shoes at that moment? Not only that, but it also makes me think: What would Naruto have done if it were Sakura who defended him in front of Pein, not Hinata?

But back to the point I was trying to make about Hinata thinking Naruto gives her strength and all...She only gets that from observation: Seeing how much will and courage Naruto has in him. That's pure observation; she's admiring from afar! But who's the one who's been so horribly ignored every time he cheers her on and gives her hope?

*Sigh*...Hinata might have the Byakugan, but ironically, the girl is BLIND. I love her, but she's just plain BLIND.

Now this part of my theory is all me and what I think that has nothing to do with any events in the manga; In other words, it's in-depth analysis that I've made on my own; nothing of this has been stated in the manga or even suggested in any way besides my own interpretation. Here it is: Maybe Hinata loves Naruto so much because she picked him to be her center of attention? She's always shy, and always withdrawn and almost social phobic, in a sense; so maybe she picked the dumbest guy out there because she feels like no other girl could possibly want him? That way only she would have a true chance with him and no one else, she probably figures. There'd be a bigger chance of Naruto wanting to be with her than anyone else wanting to be with her. So pretty much what I'm trying to say is that maybe Hinata has been unconsciously brain-washing herself this whole time; most likely, because either she fails to recognize how much Kiba supports her and cares for her, or she's even ignoring it to maintain focus on Naruto. That is NOT love. It's Hinata's insecurities doing things to her even out of her knowledge; things she's unaware of. Otherwise, don't you think she'd stop for a minute every once in a while and wonder why the hell Kiba gives so much of a shit about her? But she doesn't...She just keeps thinking and thinking about Naruto, digging herself in deeper.

Honestly, if someone would ask Hinata why she loves Naruto and she'd say because he gives her strength, and then they ask her how, besides him having courage and her observing that courage, she'd be speechless, because there's nothing else to go by. The only thing he's done for her is kill Pein after she nearly died for him. There hasn't been any REAL interaction between Naruto and Hinata for her to truly love him. Nothing has been built between those two besides Naruto thinking to himself "Uh, she's weird." Yeah, that's really lovely there. :/ She devoted years to 'loving' a guy and ignoring every single other human on the planet, when the most he thinks of her is that she's weird.


:icontesserafrost: TesseraFrost

I like both Hinata and Naruto, but they don't suit each other. Their relationship is under-developed (like others have said in the past) and Hinata isn't able to tame Naruto. I bet that Naruto would get bored eventually and sleep with someone else. I support NaruSasu because Sasuke CAN KEEP NARUTO IN LINE!

:icondbkit: dbkit

I could write a full essay on why NaruHina sucks. But I don't have to since someone already did.…

You can argue that Hinata is a fairly two  character because Naruto is the only thing on her horizon. She isn't allowed to have a personality outside of the blond idiot so she seems to have atrophied when it comes to character growth.

In part 1 she had potential and I'll give Naruto this much, it was because of him that Hinata grew a back bone. But Kishimoto kinda let it stop there. And it died there too.

Hinata is nothing else but 'the girl who pines for Naruto-kun' It almost seems that her only purpose in life is to be his girlfriend. And that's just pathetically bad writing in my opinion.

If Hinata must have a love interest let it be someone that it makes sense for her to be with.

:iconflexitrax: flexitrax

‘Cuz Hinata's too shy and scared for Naruto.
And Naruto loves Sakura, and she loves him ^^
And Kiba's in love with Hinata (well, I think it's proven) and that she will eventually love him back.

:iconangelgirl1209: angelgirl1209

The only canon moments NaruHina fans have is the one in Naruto when Naruto defended Hinata in chunin arc, said he liked people who have her personality, and the pain moment thing. That's it. NaruHina is not a real pairing, it's crack b/c of all the freaking fillers. I repeat FILLERS.
Second, I’m confused on how in the world they get the fact that Naruto likes her. I mean surely he mentions that he LOVES Sakura like 4 times per arc. In Naruto and Shippuden. I feel like throwing a bag at each every NaruHina fan.
Thirdly, the only close to canon pairing is, well was, Jiraiya and Tsunade. And NaruSaku as well.
Fourthly, NaruHina fans support a crack pairing
Dude there are so many reasons why this pairing should not happened

:iconiamlibby526: iamlibby526

Most Anti-NaruHina haters, are Hinata haters. I personally love Hinata and somewhat dislike Naruto. I mean, Hinata is shy and what not, but i love her because she's determined., BUT I LOVE NARUTO. TRUST ME ON THAT. I just don’t like the way he handles things. Srsly.

N:"I'LL BE YOUR HERO." -kills pein-


:iconhisamatsuxchikara: HisamatsuXChikara

When I first discovered Naruto, I was into NaruHina a big way. I loved it because I thought she deserved the person who she admired. However, as I watched more and as the series progressed, my opinions began to change. I began to and more second thoughts about her character as she appeared quite bland, and gave up on the anime. When i began to read the manga is when my opinions completely changed.

I noticed that many of NaruHina's greatest moments were actually filler, and Sakura appeared too violent towards Naruto in the anime. Yes, she does hit him in the manga, but that is only when he is being too extreme (perverted, ect.) and she has good reason to do so. The moments between Naruto and Hinata were few and far between, and when they did appear, the 'love' was very one-sided. Meanwhile, pairings such as NaruSaku, NaruSasu, NaruTsu, and many others had far more growth and depth. Naruto's feelings for Sakura and Sasuke have deepened and matured, whilst he still does not know Hinata all that well. Yes, she does stare at him when he is training or whatever, but in some cases that's not 'cute', but 'creepy'.

The thing that I dislike is that many people read too much into their moments together and ignore Naruto's moments with other possible lovers that may 'get in Hinata's way'. For example, when Hinata watched Naruto leave- yes, that could have been an important moment, but it wasn't. Hinata could have been the one to welcome him back, but she wasn't. Sakura was. And she appeared to even flirt with him a little.

Hinata's confession was a sweet moment, I must admit, but at the same time it was a stupid move. Naruto had asked for no one to interfere. In the manga, she confessed and was struck down almost immediately. In the anime (I did not watch this one, I am relying on my friend) she put up a fight, yes, and reached for Naruto, but was again defeated. After the Pain arc was over, Naruto could have gone to talk to Hinata at any time- she was healed and when he was sitting around with Sakura talking to Inari, he obviously had time on his hands- however, he spent the time with other people. Granted, he really should have walked over to her and given her a reply of some kind, but it was almost as if it didn't matter to Naruto that this girl was in love with him. And, in a way, it probably doesn't, as he has fallen for Sakura (and possibly Sasuke).

Many other pairings have recieved a lot more depth than NaruHina, and are underappreciated. This is not just NS, but NaruSasu, NaruTsu, NaruGaa and many others.

However, this is only my opinion. Despie being very Anti-NH and Pro-NS, I will not bash NH supporters. They have as much a right to support their pairing as I do mine.

:iconpau-pipo: Pau-Pipo

I hate NaruHina because Naruto doesn't give a ratsass about Hinata. She confessed her feelings for him and does he give her an answer back? No. It's been chapters since that happen and most likely he forgot all about what she told him!
Plus it's pretty obvious he loves Sakura. He tries his best to get her attention and it always backfires on him. But when she finally confesses her feelings to him, he denies it. But he still loves her.
Also, they don't go well together. Hinata is way too shy and won't be able to stay with Narutos hyper active personality. Yet people ask why I ship GaaHina. Well Gaara has always seemed to be that sort of person to need someone who could keep him calm, cool, and collected. Which is exactly what Hinata is, plus she's kind. She would be able to love ANYONE no matter what.
Plus it doesn't contain monstarous amount of fail like NaruHina.

:iconembrace-diversity: Embrace-Diversity

I'm not a member but I do have my reasons for not liking NaruHina.

I have noticed that many individuals here, justification-wise, for them not being good together is because they hate Hinata or find her flawed in some way. Many people that dislike Hinata say it's because she has a 'weak personality'. All I have to say is this on that front: Even if people feel it's misguided, she stuck with what she believed that she should do, even though it meant her dying, even though it meant she would not get to be with Naruto. She was fine with that, because at least she did something instead of staring like an idiot. Had he died and she had done nothing, she would have forever blamed herself for not being strong enough to at least try. That, to me, is not someone who has a weak personality. Shy does not equate to weak or lacking.

Hinata has said that she loves Naruto but Kishimoto has said (and even Hinata has stated this) that she 'admires' him. I'm ignoring the Anime version because Manga came first (and the background of why she liked him made me feel like they were trying too hard) but in the end; Hinata is 15 or 16 at the moment, she is very young. How many people thought they were in love with someone but in reality it was them confusing it with something else?

I am sure Hinata feels without a doubt that she loves him, but she doesn't even really know him. She's seen him from the sidelines, she's seen him act every now and then, but she has never really hung out with him and they are not close friends. She is 'in love' with the very limited view of Naruto that she's seen. She's put Naruto on a pedastal because of how much he's affected her life through his actions. Perhaps in time and interaction she could truly grow to love him, but at the moment it really feels that she's confusing her strong admiration for him as love.

Someone once said that NaruHina should happen because Hinata should get the guy she wants. Apparently, the fact that he obviously loves Sakura, which would put a serious strain on their relationship to the point where it could harm it, doesn't bother people. But in any case, usually the main character gets who he wants, so unless Naruto has a change of heart (and I doubt it, because Kishimoto has clearly shown that Sakura is a mini Kushina and with the way Kishimoto tends to be sexist and traditionalist he's probably going to end up with Sakura) and decides to fall for a girl he's never looked twice at just because she's had some feelings for him(that is not a good enough reason for a relationship to begin, IMO), I don't see this happening.

Now for Naruto: He obviously loves Sakura. At this point it's pretty solid and Naruto is stubborn (Sasuke, anyone?), his feelings for her aren't going to change. With that said; if Naruto and Hinata were to become involved, any interaction Naruto would have with Sakura would put a strain on their relationship. She's not blind or stupid, she knows Naruto is in love with Sakura, he's made that clear for years.

No matter what fans want to think, even if Naruto didn't end up with Sakura he would always hold feelings for her, that's the sort of person he is. Who would want to feel as if they were competing for that special place in their loved one's heart or, and worse yet, feel as if they were second best? 'Sakura finally rejected Naruto for the final time, well, there's always Hinata to back up on. She said she loved him, right?' It seems too shallow to me.

Unless some serious character development happened between Naruto and Hinata beyond her admiring him and he being completely oblivious of her existence except when she manages to pop into his field of vision every now and then, that's exactly what NaruHina would be: What Naruto 'settled' for because he couldn't get the woman he wanted.

I love crack pairings(and yes, NaruHina is crack. If we went by popularity concerning cannon pairings SasuNaru would be considered cannon over NaruHina) but when it comes to it actually happening in the series, there are very few individuals I could see Naruto or Hinata with and it's not each other. If there was even potential for them to do so based on personalities or what have you I'd be more for it but there isn't. With the way Naruto has treated her in the series; it'd feel like a copout if they hooked up and I like Hinata's character. She deserves someone who would actually return her feelings, not be paired up with a guy just because she likes him. That's a horrible reason.

:iconprincesa-yamakimichi: Princesa-Yamakimichi

Okay, well I hate NaruHina for several reasons. First off, I find Hinata to be one of the most weak kunoichi ever! That made me hate her pre-shippuden, but then I thought she would have improved during shippuden and I was soooooooo wrong! Naruto just isn't into her in a romantic way. I'm not a big fan of Sakura, but Naruto is the hero and if he loves Sakura then he sure as hell should be with her because hero's get the women that they want!

Anyway, KibaHina has just always been a better fit for me. I mean, Kiba loves her and once Hinata decides to grow the hell up she'll learn to love Kiba back!

And then again, my best friend made me see the light, NaruHina is not about to happen! My favorite Naruto pairing happens to be him with an OC of mine, but if we're going no OCs, Naruto should be with Sakura because he loves her and she has feelings for him, Hinata fits nowhere into that equation.

:iconjessielee-chan: JessieLee-Chan

I'd like to add some evidence against NaruHina

sometimes in animes a characters blood type effects who they end up with
Hinata's blood type is A < type A is compatible with other A's and AB
Naruto's blood type is B
Hinata is not compatible for Naruto? hehehe

Hinata is a Capricorn
Naruto is a Libra

Capricorns and Libras seem to be compatible,
Capricorns will be almost always attracted to a Libra because of what the Capricorn thinks they are like and a Libra will admire the Capricorns determination to do better. They get along well, but cannot tolerate each other's personality for too long. There are too many personal incompatibilities for a successful marriage/relationship.

NaruHina is not the most fav pairing in Japan
key i = yaoi u = het

カカイル (KakaIru) ------- 629,000
サスナル (SasuNaru) ---- 392,000
カカナル (KakaNaru) ---- 188,000
サスサク (SasuSaku) ---- 139,000
カカサス (KakaSasu) ---- 105,000
ナルサク (NaruSaku) ----- 85,700
サソデイ (SasoDei) ------- 53,900
ジラツナ (JiraTsu) --------- 52,600
シカナル (ShikaNaru) ---- 50,900
シカテマ (ShikaTema) --- 50,200
イタサス (ItaSasu) ------- 49,000
カカサク (KakaSaku) ---- 48,300
ネジヒナ (NejiHina) ------ 47,800
シカいの (ShikaIno) ------ 47,800
ナルヒナ (NaruHina)------ 42,600

:iconspeakthroughfingers: SpeakThroughFingers

First off, I hate Hinata. But that's not why I really hate NaruHina.

Part of it is just the fans. They claim its canon, it's all you see, if you don't like it you're a horrible person, and Hinata is a goddess. No really, I was giving a NaruHina fanfic a shot and the author says Hinata is a goddess. I hate how they say that I only dislike NaruHina and Hinata because I like Sakura and ship NaruSaku(which I do, but I prefer ItaNaru and other pairings. NaruSaku is sixth or seventh on my list).

Another thing is like many have said, that don't interact. At all. It's mostly Hinata watching him, admiring him for trying so hard even though he's alone. But she misses that it still hurts him to be alone, and if she does notice, does absolutely nothing about it. Yes, she's shy, but you'd think if she really cared about Naruto and wanted to make him happy, she'd have went up to say "hi". The most interaction they really had was during the chuunin exam, when she gave him medicine.

Speaking of the chuunin exam, he totally said he'd avenge her because he likes her, not because what Neji did offended him morally. Oh wait. That's actually what seems to have happened. No really, Naruto would almost definitely do the same thing for anyone.

Not to mention, going back to them not interacting, she doesn't really know him. Like I said, she either didn't see that he was hurting, or just didn't do anything about it. I don't know which is worse, personally, but that's beside the point. At best she's in love with her idea of him.

Then there is, like so many mentioned, their personalities. I can't see Naruto as a patient person. He can't even wait 3 minutes for his ramen without finding it too long. So I don't think he'd really be able to deal with Hinata's stutter without getting impatient. I don't think he'd be mean about it, but I just think he'd feel that it's annoying. And we know Naruto does some stupid stuff right? But would Hinata have the courage to say "that's a bad idea"? probably not. at this point in time, she's still a bit of a door mat, despite standing up to Pein(see next paragraph). Not to mention they have nothing in common. What would they do? And then there's the fact that Naruto has no manners what so ever and the Hyuuga clan seems to be the type of clan that would be strict about manners. Naruto would end up embarrassing her. And when Naruto said he would change the Hyuuga clan, he mostly meant that he'd get rid of the caged bird seal, not tell them to act like pigs.

And sure, she confessed her love to him, but think about how she did it. From what it looks like, she thought she was going to die. Anyone would know that Hinata can't beat Pein. If characters who are way stronger (Jiraiya, Kakashi, Tsunade, etc.) died, or nearly died, she'd almost certainly die. So it seems more like she's saying it before she dies so that she doesn't have to live with rejection. A lot of people say things when they think they're going to die. It happens a lot. They say things that they normally wouldn't say because they don't think they'll have to live with the consequences.

But as for Hinata... Well, she didn't really have to live with them anyways, seeing as how it happened over 100 chapters ago and hasn't been mentioned since, and Hinata HAS shown up, even in the same scene as Naruto too. So if Kishimoto wanted to have Naruto and Hinata together, he would have followed up on it at some point by now.

Not to mention that Naruto doesn't even notice her like that. He thinks of her as a friend and is in love with Sakura. And people say he shouldn't be with her because she likes Sasuke, right? So using that logic Hinata shouldn't be with Naruto because he likes Sakura.

tl;dr: it's completely one sided, Hinata barely shows up, they barely have any interaction, Hinata's feelings are based on what she sees not what actually is.

:iconbarettavendetta: BarettaVendetta

Because it's horribly one sided, Naruto has had barely any interaction with Hinata, I dislike the idea that Hinata's entire life revolves around Naruto and I want to see her get development on her own terms, the confession was leftfield and a horrible example of fridging, and I'm sick and tired of NH fans constantly bashing Sakura and making Hinata into this horrible OOC bitch who kicks Sakura's head in. FFS, 469 did NOT instantly make NH happen. Naruto did not go running into Hinata's arms. He didn't even think about her.

:icon123sourcherry: 123sourcherry

i think it would just be too weird... if you really imagine them walking around in the village together, Hinata honestly needs to be somebody with a real life... but i don't hate her , and it's cute that she's crushing on Naruto but they have such completely different personalities sooo... yeah

:iconkonohakitten: Konohakitten

I personally don't care for Hinata I can't stand her lack of character development....and by development I don't mean her knockers. I think that if her fan base wasn't so rude and large in America I could handle Hinata better. However her fandom just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Everyone here as made so many valid points, I've always seen Hinata as a shallow person that only idolizes and admires Naruto, and those two things don't equal love. She has so little panel time and she clearly knows nothing about Naruto or his inner turmoil with the Kyuubi or Sasuke. I always tell Naru/Hina fans why should Naruto end up with her if she's not important at all. If she was she'd have more panel time and would actually progress as a character! They feed me all these fabrications that Naruto loves her and that she will do anything for him...that's just bull crap. I've always said that Hinata doesn't have real faith in Naruto, perfect example is the fight with Pain. She just couldn't stay put and not get involved, she just had to butt in because she had no faith that Naruto could pull through on his own. Her whole selfish speech about love was painful to watch, and it's the one thing all Naru/Hina fans base their arguments on. With her little "rescue" falling to pieces Naruto was left with so much hatred that he almost lost his soul to the Kyuubi. Most Naru/Hina fans stop arguing with me when I point out that Naruto could have lost his soul because of a fangirl. Besides if this confession was so real and important why did she not approach Naruto when he came back, or even better why didn't Naruto go looking for her?

Hinata isn't the type of women Naruto needs, he's the hero and he should get who he wants. Yes Sakura still has feelings for Sasuke, but she and Naruto's relationship has development so much compared to Naruto and Hinata's. Also Why would Kishi have Naruto's Father fall in love with someone that is so much like Sakura. Why isn't it obvious that this is foreshadowing, why is it so hard to see Kishi is putting an end to the pairing wars XD. I guess overall Hinata is boring, annoying, shallow, selfish, and delusional. Neji should have been born into the royal family instead of her. He's grown he's become such an awesome character and he interacts with his team mates. I guess If I could change one thing about Hinata it would be her fans, they have to be the rudest shippers I've ever seen of any pairing. Is their aggression a sign that they really know deep down their favorite couple will never happen?

:iconsasu-hina: Sasu-Hina

A few months back, I loved NaruHina. Then when I started to like SasuHina and did some fanarts, a NaruHina flamed me. Not my artwork, but the pairing itself. So I flamed him right back, which he quickly apologized for it, thank God.

The fans are one of the reasons I don't like this pairing, yes. Another reason I don't like it falls on Naruto's part. He's too oblivious and inconsiderate, period. I do not believe he lacks any sort of affection, because from what I gathered, the 3rd Hokage and Iruka themselves had taken care of him at a young age (honestly, how can a toddler take care of himself?). Even if it's just a little, he should be able to at least show some consideration for Hinata. She tries so goddamn hard, not just for herself or her family, but for him as well. And what does he do? Goes saying she's kinda weird. I would have slapped him right then and there.

So yeah. Not only do I dislike this pairing, I dislike Naruto to a degree as well. But not enough to actually join a hate group of him, lol.

NaruSaku or SasuNaru does have better chance at becoming canon.

:iconxnarusaku: xNaruSaku

NaruHina is NOT going to happen! First i liked Hinata, but then she annoyed me! She is always quiet and shy.
She is a stalker, i mean WTH! Who the hell wants to be paired with a STALKER?!?!? NOT NARUTO!
And isn't the main character always get what he wants? I mean FINE if NaruHina happens ( I hate NaruHina)
but then it everything would be upside down! I mean think of it! If everyone is going to fight Naruto have to protect Hinata, because what I've seen she has not made a progress. And he would get hurt and not protect the other or fight! Which means NaruHina: the stupid end for Naruto. I mean if it was someone else like Ino or Sakura, they could AT LEAST protect themselves in 5 minutes. I mean COME ON guys I'm not a hater on Hinata but seriously? Really? Is that what you call love? Some creepy stalker get what she wants while she is causing death over her "lover", and his true love is outside. No really. If that is going to happen, I don't know what is wrong with Kishimoto!

:iconturquoisenarcissus: TurquoiseNarcissus

I myself am hugely Anti-NaruHina. So much so that I wouldn't know where to begin on telling you all just how much.

It's overrated for one thing. Also, if I read one more "Hinata deserves Naruto" I going to throw a gorilla at the poster who said it.

But I still find that I didn't really agree with some of what was said in this journal.

Such as accusing Hinata of having no real reason to like Naruto. I, as a hater of NaruHina, hate to admit it but she does have a valid reason to like Naruto. I just wish she'd move on.

However, there's something I hugely don't agree with...

The idea that Hinata should forget Naruto and realize that Kiba loves her and has always been there for her.

It's complete crap.

How exactly has Kiba "always been there for her"?
In what way, above Naruto or anyone else, has he constantly supported her?
Why would Hinata like Kiba for his Naruto-like personality?
When has Kiba cheered Hinata on and given her hope, motivation or whatever?

You're overrating Kiba's so-called secret feelings of love for Hinata. Do you ignore/forget the fact that Kiba on a couple of occasions has unintentionally reminded Hinata of her failures? How instead of discreetly looking out for her he instead coddles her? She a ninja. She doesn't need to be overprotected. Yet he's still a better choice than anyone else?

I hate NaruHina, too, but come on. KibaHina isn't any better.

:iconadvanceshipper: advanceshipper

Why I hate NaruHina? Many, many, many reasons.

First off, let me state that I don't hate NaruHina supporters, I've got a couple of NaruHina friends.  Anyway… to the rant :XD:

1. NaruHina is goddamn overrated. Personally, I've been supporting NaruSaku since Chapter/Episode 3. When I finally joined the fandom back in I believe 2009 I went to YouTube and looked up some NaruSaku videos. I thought "Oh, now I meet other NaruSaku fans 8D" I thought it would be SasuSaku being the overrated one but when I got to see the comments it was (it's been 3 years so I might not get it perfectly right): "OMG WHY AREN'T YOU SUPPORTING NARUHINA??!! ITS SO CANON! I MEAN HINATA LUVS NARUTO AND OF COURSE HE SECERTLY LUVS HER BACK!!! NARSAKU IS BULLSHIT!!! NARUHINA AND SASUSAKU FTW!!!" Okay, you fail at life :XD: Also, Hinata is also overrated. Almost every time I'm in the fandom I get: "Hinata is innocent and kind. She sure be the main heroine instead of Sakura!!" Um, okay? It sucks that she's a side character and Team Gai gets more screen-time than her but that won't do anything :)

2. People keep putting to my face that its canon. It is not canon in anyway. The only canon couples are Minato/Kushina Asuma/Kurenai and Tsuande/Dan. Hinata may have confessed her feelings for Naruto, but Naruto never responded to it. :/ And no matter how any damn fillers you have it won't make it canon. And when he turned Kyuubi for her. He would that for any of his friends. Sure, he might not do it for Chouji, Shino, or Neji etc. But he would do it for Sakura, Sasuke (which he already did....twice), Kakashi, Gaara (again he did turn Kyuubi for him), Sai, Yamato/Tenzou, Lee, Konohamaru, maybe Shikamaru, and Kiba. It was sweet that he turned Kyuubi for her, but don't take as a marriage proposal :/

3. Usually when I see it Naruto and Hinata are OOC. I see Hinata having either a horny/evil/stripper inside her and it bugs the shit out of me. Sakura does have a inner-self, obviously, but at least she has a personality. Then, I see Naruto having secret emotions for Hinata and claiming that the only reason he liked Sakura is to get Hinata jealous. I mean seriously What. The. Fuck? Don't get me wrong, I hate seeing any character OOC (except when the amnesia which is self-explanatory why they'd act different). I mean, I see Sakura begging Naruto to have sex with him or starts calling him Naruto-kun........


4. Naruto loves Sakura. It's been known since Chapter 3 that Naruto likes Sakura. His freaking goal in life (other than becoming Hokage and getting Sasuke back) is to get Sakura to love him back. And slowly through the course of Shippuden, she's starting to like him even though her herself doesn't know it. Then I get crap that her confession was fake. Yes, in retrospect she was lying but before she confessed Sai told her bluntly that Naruto loves her. And she started to cry that she's been hurting him all this time. I don't if you'd actually call that love but it shows that she cares for him more than just a friend/comrade. And its' been hinted (more in the anime at least) that Kiba has feelings for Hinata. I find kind of ironic that both girls like a guy (Naruto and Sasuke) but they don't notice that another guy loves them and will do anything for them (Kiba and Naruto). Sakura finally notice (well told bluntly) that Naruto cared for her, let's see how long it takes for Hinata to notice Kiba affections :P

Okay I'm done!

:iconhimawari-amaya: Himawari-Amaya

I'm not that big of a fan of NaruHina nor am I an Anti-NaruHina fan. I just don't find Naruto and Hinata a compatible couple. To me, Hinata admires him and loves him a lot. Such as a older brother. Naruto still loves Sakura even though she loves Sasuke. NaruSaku is more likely to happen. But, let me get out of the Naruto world.

Hinata sees Naruto as an older brother to me. She admires everything about him. He is her light. He made her feel stronger and more confident without himself knowing.

Naruto and Sakura have a strong relationship and actually make a very cute and very funny couple. Not a lot of complications in their life (except Naruto getting punched by Sakura).

Naruto and Hinata....I don't really see anything special. It might be the same routine for both of them and it'll get boring.

For I am a SASUHINA extreme fangirl (please do not flame to us SasuHina fans. This is mostly directed to SasuSaku fans because they like to blab the most about how SasuHina will never happen) To me SasuHina might have a better chance of happening instead of NaruHina or KibaHina. Kiba and Hinata are like brother and sister. Well, to me it is. It's the same with Shino.

So, yes, NaruHina fans you may fantasize like the rest of us SasuHina fans and etc.

And to you Anti-NaruHina fans, please be more thoughtful about this couple.


:iconwoodywood03a: Woodywood03a

They said Hinata is better than Sakura, but I would ask: who does Naruto cares for more?? Who would Naruto lay down his own life for??? Sakura, that’s who. Hinata may have the grown body and the tits and everything. But each and every time (Before Pain and somewhat after) (Animewise) She was behind the shadows, hiding... and also, Sakura was front and center, standing beside our boy, Naruto. We need to know facts, not fanfiction. Naruto and Sakura is a way better pair than Naruto and Hinata.

:iconemiitea: emiitea

I’m a NaruSaku fan atw, Sakura likes Naruto, you can tell, even if she faked a confession, she still loves him!!! why is there even a pairing 'NaruHina' it makes no sense. I dislike Hinata. She is a side character, not a main, Sakura is!! So Masashi most likely is going to make them together. Sorry Hinata fans, but Sakura is WAY better.

:iconringosuccess: Ringosuccess

I don't hate NaruHina. I used to be a big fan before Shippuden. I realized that the only reason I supported NaruHina was because Hinata had feelings for Naruto. If Ino had feelings for Naruto, I would have probably supported that too. If Hinata had no feelings for Naruto, NaruHina would probably be a crack couple.

I love NaruSaku, I feel/know that Sakura's feelings for Naruto have grown and I feel that Hinata does not know him too much.
Sakura began to recognize Naruto when he made his "Promise of a Lifetime".
In the very beginning Sakura despised Naruto, but as the episodes passed she got closer and closer to him.

I also understand some reasoning for NaruHina, I know some people who support NaruHina simply because they do not like NaruSaku. They feel it isn't right for Naruto to end up with someone who hits him repeatedly and is rude to him. I understand that- that's one reason why I don't like SasuSaku; because how one person in the couple treats the other one poorly, but Sakura is a tsundere character and Hinata is more moe.

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